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by Courtney on January 26, 2012

Networking has been around longer than the internet. Before the internet was in every home, the people network was in your church, work, school, and was part of your neighborhood events. The airwave of the people network was a medium that is as old as man – “word of mouth.”

One popular form of the word of mouth networking was called a “whisper network.” It went like this. Joe whispers to Helen; “hey, have you heard that Tommy likes Susan.”  Before you knew it, everyone knew that Tommy had a thing for Susan. Word of mouth is a powerful networking tool and today is even more powerful thanks to social sites like Facebook.

Your search for love on Facebook can still be as subtle as a whisper, but thanks to the world wide web, you can now whisper to the world. Your network of friends on Facebook can be from a town next door or from across the ocean. Once you whisper to your friends that you like someone, you can bet that your friend’s friends will soon get the news, but more importantly, the one you like will be drawn into your circle of friends opening up the possibility of romance.

Making friends on Facebook is the heart and soul of Facebook networking. If you find someone interesting, the first thing you will want to do is make them part of your friend’s circle. Once you are friends, you can send messages directly, post on their wall or tell your friends your interest hoping the word reaches the one you have the hots for. Networking is not a passive event.  You have to be active and start searching. Waiting for someone to come knocking on your door is not the way to network. You have to do the knocking if you want to be active in building your network of friends.

Facebook provides many tools for finding friends. If you are new to Facebook, the first thing you will want to do is grow your friend’s circle. I usually begin my search by looking for friends from my hometown, my highschool, college, work, etc.  Once you build up your circle of friends, networking takes on a whole new life. Remember, your friends also have a circle of  friends which connects you to a very powerful word of mouth network while searching for love.

One way a lot of people want to search for friends on Facebook  is by interests. If you are searching for someone who has a common interest, you have to use Facebook’s general search box that is found at the top of every Facebook page. For example, lets say I wanted to find others on Facebook who had an interest in French Food. Type “French Food” in the search box and a list will pop up. At the bottom of the list you will see a link for “See more results for French Food” Click that link and you will be taken to Facebook’s filter page where you can search for “French Food” by People, Pages, Places, Groups, Events, etc. Once you find what you are looking for, you can add them as a friend, or join the group. You can even search for Pages that are related to French Food. How you create Pages in Facebook is a whole another topic, but the idea is if  you find someone that created a separate Page about French Food, you know it is someone that has more than a  passing interest but a burning desire about French food. If you have the same burning desire, it may be the love connection you have been searching for.

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but by now you should have gotten the message that the  main ingredients of finding what you are looking for on Facebook is building your network of friends.  So if you are looking for someone in your hometown to date, from days past, or someone who has the same interests as you, sign up on Facebook and begin building your network. Once you made friends, weather the friendship turns into a date or something more, the possibilities are far more reaching than the days when you whispered in your friend’s ear. Start networking on Facebook today to find out if the  love of your life is as close as a whisper that can be heard around the world.

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