5 Tips For Online Dating Success

by Courtney on June 5, 2011

Some say that online dating was made for the hopeless, I disagree, I think that online dating was made for those that really want to connect with somebody out there that shares the same interests. For instance if you are a Christian and only want to date Christian singles, there are plenty of sites that are out there that will do their best to hook you up with what you are looking for.

A lot of people that are searching for love online will get down, as nobody is responding to their messages or friend requests. Don’t get to down on yourself, believe me, there is somebody out there waiting for you, you just have to do the work and find them.

With that being said I will be going over 5 basic tips that will surely help you be successful in finding that special someone, as this information has been gathered by many successful online daters, and now to share it with everyone.

Use Your Best Photo

This should be a no brainer, but many people will put up a crappy picture of themselves, thinking that it really doesn’t matter as whoever is viewing them will be able to see what they look like anyway. This is not true. Make sure that you take a high resolution picture, and it won’t hurt to be dressed up nice for it, with a nice big smile could go a long way.

Keep Everyone Updated

Don’t be afraid to change your head line or your greeting from time to time. Also uploading a new fresh photo once a week won’t hurt either. Try to keep it simple and fun, especially when it comes to the photos. People want to see someone that is happy and having fun, by doing this, you will increase your chances of meeting that special someone.

Be Confident

Having confidence in your self is one of the most attractive things to the opposite sex, or even if you are looking for somebody of the same sex, confidence is key. Don’t try and imitate what other people are doing. This also can go back to being tied in with the photos that you are uploading to your dating profile.  Body language is also a big part of play, even with the profile photo, take a look at it before you begin to upload it, and ask yourself, “do I look confident here”?

Honesty is Best

When people make their online profiles sometimes they tend to lie, or maybe extend the truth a little bit. Put up a recent picture of yourself, not one from years back when you were 40 pounds lighter. The goal here is to meet someone that likes you for who you are, not what you used to look like. If you are little bit overweight, let it be known. Just don’t put a bunch of face pictures up there, because when it comes time to meet in person, the other person might not like what they see as they were expecting something else. Keep it honest, keep it real, and you will greatly increase the chances of finding true love online.

Nice People Finish First Online

Last but not least, make sure that you are nice to people that you are talking to online. Even if you get a message from someone that you have no interest in hooking up with, doesn’t mean that you have to be mean and ignore them, just kindly reply to them that you are not interested, and thank them for taking a chance. There is a little thing called Karma, and if you are nice to everyone that you interact with online, you will be rewarded eventually. Take my word for it.

Finding a soul mate through internet dating is not as hard as one may think, but it does take some patience and a little bit of work. Not only that, you will also have to find the right type of dating website also, but that is a whole other can of worms that I haven’t opened up yet.

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